YouTube widget plays audio but shows only black box

Hi, total newbie here. I just got the 14-day free trial version and followed the steps to make a widget that will embed a YouTube video in my client’s iBook. It works just fine in the browser preview. But in iBooks, I hit the play button and it goes black. The video’s audio starts playing–I can even start and stop it with the space bar–but the window just stays black. How do I make the video part show up?

I know I could just go to Bookry or some site like that (as a last resort), but I’d much rather spend the money on this and learn how to do it myself. Any ideas?


This appears to be an issue in iBooks (for Mac), when embedding an iframe within an iframe. If you use an HTML widget, iBooks for Mac will not play the video, but only the audio. (A bug)

I recommend using a standard rectangle, and pasting the Youtube embed code within the inner HTML of that element directly. The video plays correctly in iBooks for iPad, even if it is a 2 levels-deep-iframe.

So to get better compatibility, your embed code would look like: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> (And use a rectangle)

Hope that helps! And welcome to Hype.

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YESSS!!! Thank you SO much! I knew it had to be some little fix like that! It works just great now. I was even able to sub my own Default images and get it to play full screen.

The Tumult folks should cut you a check because you just made them a sale. :smile:

And I’m greatly looking forward to learning all the things I can do with this amazingly cool software. Woot!

Thank you again!! You have no idea what I’ve been through trying to get this to work!