Youtube videos on popup

Hello all.

There is a way how to implement this function on Hype

What I need is to put the youtube video above all objects in the screen.

The thing is that I don’t undestard the javascript use on Hype about using a div or similar to put the video.


I second this request.

here’s is a hypeapproach
give the callerbutton the youtube-src-url as id (missused id here – @hype at the moment you can’t use dataattributes via UI) and apply js-funtion with name play (791.4 KB)


I managed to get it work using this source: (93.3 KB)

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this is easy to implement.
but as far as you can do something with hype with less effort i wouldn’t want to rely on third party libraries.
1.) loading time increases
2.) disorders may occur which are difficult to manage
3.) function and design are much more adaptable when built within hype

my fifty cents :wink:


I did not find where to custom or change the You tube video URL in your Hype document, would you please clarify ?


Hi Alex!

Look in the “play” function script. Note the first line… :wink:

window.myUrl =;	
var symb = hypeDocument.getSymbolInstanceById('youtuber')
symb.startTimelineNamed('start', hypeDocument.kDirectionForward);

The “play” button triggers that function. The “id” of the button is:


with hype 4 you can store data-attributes instead to missuse id’s so … :slight_smile: the example is three years old …

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I replaced that URL with our local hosted video url, but the video does not show up FOR MOBILE MODE.

You can check at

or this hype document: (826.5 KB)

we usually use YOUKU since Youtube does not cover China market like this one.

you can find the embedded code at:

<iframe height=498 width=510 src='' frameborder=0 'allowfullscreen'></iframe>

It would be great if you could show a example for local hosted video or for that Youku video.

Thanks so much.

as you’ll notice, the url is used as src for an iFrame … not file, not embed …

Tks you for popup function