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Good morning I have inserted an Html widget series where I have added / embedded some selected YouTube videos, then all this I have created a tab to see or not to see, that is to say that when someone clicks, a kind of play list is displayed and selects the video I want to listen to, this I have turned into a persistent symbol so that the reader has the option to activate it whenever he wants through the whole project, the problem I have is that when you change the scene the video stops, is there any way that keep you through the scenes? Thank you very much in advance, Alf

You are out of luck, as the persistent symbol is actually detached from one HYPE_scene DOM tree branch and moved over to the next by reattaching it. Hence, third-party embed might lose state, specially when they run from an iFrame.

Another thing. Don't use HTML-Widgets. Better to just insert HTML into a rectangle.

One workaround: You could create the player outside the Hype DOM with JS. Furthermore, you could sync its position and dimension to a specific element on stage using something like Hype Mutation Observer. If it is only about background music, you wouldn't even have to do the syncing.

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Thank you very much Max,
Thanks for your answer, the truth is that I have no idea of programming, so everything sounds strange and complicated to me. The idea is to create a playlist of youtube videos that can play in the background while you change the scene. This is how it would sound directly from the artist's official account.
I will look to see some example how to create a youtube player in js. and then as built into Hype.

thanks again

One question MaxZieb, how can I put an Html in a rectangle and not use an html Widget? At least I want to be able to do this that you tell me

There's an option to "Edit Element's Inner HTML" in the Menu Bar, in the Edit section. You could also look for the pencil shaped icon...

HTML code can go in that popup window.

If you skip to this part... can see it in action. I was trying to do something not native to Hype. No problem, custom HTML code can be added.

Thank you very much Photics I am going to study it, I am a beginner


In that case, the person that just helped you (@Photics ) is the author of the good and now interactive "A Book About Hype" that should get you started.


Thank you