YouTube is blocking Plug-Ins?

Usually when a video is embedded, you can see in the preview the still of the video.
Recently you just see, that Youtube has blocked this plug-In.

It is more likely that Safari is blocking the Flash plugin used by Youtube. This sometimes happens on videos uploaded prior to the switch to HTML5, or if the Flash variant of the Youtube embed is used.

Can you share your document?

One way to force HTML5 (which does not use plugins) is to add a query string at the end of your embed code.

Here’s an example:

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

The html5-1 query string property will encourage the player to load a plugin-free player.

Hi, Daniel, thanks for the reply.
It may have been missunderstood.
The problem is, when I use Hype in the working sheet.
Usual you see the still of the UT Video … not anymore.
So its not in Safari, its in Hype.
As soon, as I export it … everything is fine.
It’s not a big deal, but something has changes in the relation Hype/YouTube you may take a look of.

Are you placing your youtube video in an HTML widget or within the inner HTML of an element?

:anguished: Sorry, don´t know the difference … you figure …

Please use these instructions to embed a Youtube video:

That should fix your issue. It looks like your embed code is incomplete.

Hi Daniel,
thanks for the hint …
I used the embed HDML, generated from YT page.
No change, no preview in Hype.

Can you try it with the html5-1 string I mentioned in this post?

Hi Daniel,
I just wanted to come back to this topic, to report, that suddenly everything was functioning again.
I have lived more than one week with the “blocked plug-in” and one morning, when I started the file again, everything was normal.
I have no explanation for it.

So, thanks again.