Youtube embed not working


Hello All,

I’ve followed all the instructions for embedding a YouTube clip (html widget>paste embed code). The video shows up in the application, but once I test it in a browser, I get nothing. The link for the page is here:

I’ve also attached the Hype working file. Please help! (18.9 MB) >

(Greg) #2

@B_Felicisimo, – a bit off topic, but important-- there is a discussion about pasting text into a Hype Text box from a word processor here…

It causes all of the extra formatting that shows up in the source code of your website.

(Nick ) #3

Are you putting this into the widget code editor

Replacing your video in the URL?


Thanks for that. Much appreciated!


Here’s the code I have now:

Will try the embed again. Thanks.


Works fine. Thanks again!