XML calling to run panorama view in webapp

Hi there, im still fighting with this xml situation, could anyone help me? Basically is a panorama viewer.
The software generates:

  1. an .html (that im putting inside a widget)
  2. the .js tha im uploading to the resources folder
  3. the images that im inlcuding in resources (6 images for every face of the cube)
  4. the .xml

when this is in a server works perfect, but when is installed as a Web-App doesnt; work anymore, is there a way to call the images? do you know a solution? i’ll be very thankful with your help

It will be difficult for anyone to help you without more information or examples of what you are doing, like a link to the server version that is working and/or better yet, you upload the Hype Project.

Another other problem is, " installed as a Web-App" does not tell us anything useful, like what platform you are doing this for nor can we guess what you have done even we new that.

And when you talk about xml, do you mean you are using xml something like these XMLHttpRequest() examples

Please provide more information and example files.

Sorry you’re right. Is a web-app for iPad. In this file you’ll find the widget with the url. And of course it works in desktop browsers, even in hype reflect and safari via hype reflect and as web app with internet connection but i cannot realize how to integrate it to hype to became part of the stand alone web app without internet connection. Thank you

panotour.zip (420.5 KB)