Xcode + Gyroscope Troubleshooting

I tried to use my gyroscope-based animations on this but they dont work… any toughts on this?


Is there a example of your project anywhere??

right here: https://freefallmotion.com/fancy_app/

works on safary mobil without issue - heck, even works in Baker Framework and that thing is old… really old-

@thejoepeach ,

I cannot tell what your issue could be without the actual Hype project !.
You also have not given any details. So my thoughts so far are “??? not a mind reader…!”

How are you creating your gyro animations? This might be helpful: Hype4 phone Tilt to control gravity not working on IOS 12?

This is the affecte files, note that they are inside your template… also, there is way to modify the startup screen? i am making a poetry book and dont know if that is possible…

lassie.zip (2.3 MB)


You posted the Hype files., not in the template but that does not matter.
I still am at a loss as to what you are expecting.
Even when I just load your hype project directly as is, I do not see any gyro animations animation going on in Mobile Safari or Chrome.

So I cannot see how it would work in an Xcode project?.

My feeling is what ever is not working is not related the template but either it is your hype project, iPhone changes and or down to swift permissions coding.
Or all of the above.

Can you Please explain… your project, what it should be doing. Were and how are you seeing it working.
What exactly is not working when you put it in the Xcode if different to above.

Hi there… since my server are down I can’t demo the gyroscope animations… until now the animation plays in safari without issue with the code inside the file… but don’t do anything inside the Swift app so I wonder what can be done… the server is still down after 24 hours so is hard to tell when it will come back… right now the animations only come if server from https server in iOS 12 - didn’t upgrade to 13 yet -

El El jue, oct. 3, 2019 a la(s) 1:55 p. m., Mark Hunte via Tumult Forums support+forums@tumult.com escribió:


So looks like your site is back up.

I can confirm that your gyro works in chrome on iOS 13.

But not in mobile Safari.

I am pretty sure that this is because of Apple disabling it.

There was setting in privacy settings that you could enable it.

But I do not see it in iOS 13.

Being the case I would not expect it to work in an iOS app since any webview in an iOS app derives from safaris webkit.
Unless you can implement code that prompts the user to enable it in the app.

This will be new but I think there are a few examples and documentation out there.

Thanks Mark… i heard of the same issues all across the board… seems that the cute gyro animations will be disabled in the foreseable future. Thanks anyway Mark, i will research into that code adition - i am not a developer but i like to learn - so if i find the solution i will share it…

Love your template anyway… is really handy and with a little imagination can work for soo many things, i bet you can make a business of it if you implement things like in phonegap… maybe, if you something like a in app browser will be very handy… or a way to deal with mail to links… hint hint… i think a lot of people will pay for that kind of services…