Wrong video showing, why?

Hi again folks,

My work is almost done. I prepared a version of my website for mobiles with Hype3 but something weird is happening. The buttons call the right scene with the right footage in it but, when tested in a web browser, the buttons under the residencial tab in fotos are not showing the right page.
I am sending a link to download the files, but the project is a bit big, be prepared to download about 184 Mb.
Any help will be much appreciated.
I am enclosing a zip file with a ciberduck configuration that will allow you to connect to the server.
problem@joaoribeirofoto.com.br.duck.zip (1.2 KB)

Thanks in advance,


Not everyone has CD, also tried it by using the details in another FTP app. does not connect.

You could try and use something like https://wetransfer.com

Here it goes with wetransfer:

The only problem with wetransfer is that the index.html file is among all the other files in the index.hypersources file, so you will have to recreate the file.


It’s best if you send the .hype file, but first add it to a Zip file. I recovered your document (and it is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f75szbs6pskzojx/document.zip?dl=0 )

It looks like you have a mouse click action on your group which you should remove – a mouse click action on a group will be triggered before any mouse actions assigned to the individual elements.

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Thanks Daniel!
Next time I’ll send the .hype file.
Well, I removed the action as you mentioned but the videos are still wrong.
I downloaded your files too but they are the same.
What’s weird now is that the Hype3 is crashing when I call the browser to test the page.
I rebooted the mac to see if it would solve it but no.
To test now I have to export the project and open the html file directly.
I’m on a MBP running High Sierra, ssd drive and 12Gb Ram.
Any thoughts?


That’s weird, can you try this terminal command?

Can you double check that your mouse click actions are setup to point to the correct video?

Hi Daniel,
The terminal command worked.
Sorry it took me so long, I was travelling.
The project is with that weird behaviour thou.


BTW, I double checked and the page is pointing to the right page, but it is loading the wrong one.

You have objects over other objects that have a low opacity, so they are still ‘clickable’. One way to overcome this is to set the ‘display’ to hidden until you want that object to be clickable.

Here’s how I would structure this: https://we.tl/t-Ehj7hSiM3F

I see, so if the iten is not visible it cannot respond to a click while if it is visible but transparent it will. Am I correct?


Yup: A low opacity (even 0) item still receives clicks. An item with Display: Hidden is not there, so it won’t respond to the Mouse Click event.

Ok, it is working fine now. One more doubt, how can I make a text, longer than the screen, scroll swiping the screen?
Thanks again,


You want to set Content Overflow to ‘Auto Scrollbars’ on the shape where the text is:

Thanks Daniel, but it didn’t work.
The screen capture you sent didn’t show the botou part so I don’t know what you did at the bottom.


If you preview that on a browser, scrolling (while the mouse is on it) will scroll that section down so you can read it all. If you were viewing that on a mobile device, you would scroll directly on the text (drag from bottom to top) to see the entire content. Is that what you had in mind? Try out what I did and see if that suits your needs.

Correction, it worked!
I dragged the end of the text field down until it reached outside the canvas, so it was not working.

I made it smaller and it is fine now.

How can I insert indentations? It doesn’t accept regular html tags, does it?



It sure does: https://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#inner-html

Daniel, thank you very much for your assistance, I learned a lot and I still have a lot more to learn.

It is a great software, thanks again.



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