Write the correct word in a widget to change scene

Hi, please forgive me but I’m a newbie and I can not see the solution.

In a scene I have an html widget with a JS inside.
The user must write two words correctly and after doing so, he has to go to the next scene, but I can not understand how to do!
This is the widget code:

function myFunctionFotografia() {

    if ($('#id1').val() == "farfalla") {
        var id1 = 5;
    if ($('#id1').val() == "chiave") {
        var id1 = 6;
    if ($('#id2').val() == "farfalla") {
        var id2 = 5;
    if ($('#id2').val() == "chiave") {
        var id2 = 6;
    var result = id1+ id2;
    if (result == 11) {        
        $("#risposta").text("ottimo lavoro clicca ancora sul tasto");
        $("button").text("vai avanti");
            $("button").attr("onclick", null);
            //what is the correct script ?
            window.location.replace("hypeDocument.showSceneNamed(’Seconda', hypeDocument.kSceneTransitionPushRightToLeft,1)");
    else {
        $("#risposta").text("No! controlla meglio!");
<h3><p id="risposta"></p></h3>

<table width="300" class"bordoForm">
    <td align="center"><input id="id1" type="text"class="trasformaTesto"></td>
    <td align="center"><input id="id2" type="text"class="trasformaTesto"></td>
    <td align="center"><button type="button" onclick="myFunctionFotografia()" class="myButtonControlla">Controlla</button></td>
<h3><p id="risposta"></p></h3>

Is there any method more simple or … what should I write to better move between scenes?

I have many quizzes like this!

Thanks for all

Should simply be

hypeDocument.showSceneNamed("Seconda", hypeDocument.kSceneTransitionPushRightToLeft,1);

But I would also do what I think you are trying to do like this.


 var count1 =0,  count2 =0,  resulteCount =0;
    if ( $('#id1').val() == "farfalla"   && $('#id2').val() == "farfalla" ) {
      resulteCount = 10;
    } else  if (  $('#id1').val() == "chiave"  && $('#id2').val() == "chiave" ) {
       resulteCount= 12;
    } else {
    resulteCount = 11;
   if (resulteCount == 11) {        
        $("#risposta").html("ottimo lavoro clicca ancora sul tasto");
    else {
        $("#risposta").html("No! controlla meglio!");

And use Hypes built in API GUI with it.

jumpOnCount.hype.zip (54.1 KB)

It works perfectly and to much cleaner, but I can not figure out how to recognize the ID of the text fields!

But thank you, thank you very much.

The forms are made using an elements innerHTML.

Within the form’s code you will find the id.

<form onsubmit="return false">
 <input type="text" id="id1" name="name" size="20
 " style="background-color:white; 
              border: solid 0px #6E6E6E;
              height: 20px; 

Great, now I’ve seen that!

You solved my problem,
thanks again

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