Would Hype enable me to create this?

Hype gurus

I am a fairly low code web designer with basic hype skills. I had this site in my inspiration gallery https://www.built.io/

With regard to the animated flows below the header, Hype could easily create such documents from what I have seen. I wonder how you might implement this. Would you create individual hype docs and embed them in a slider plugin or would you create the whole page section / sliders with Hype. I am also wondering how you would control the start of the animation on scroll down for animations below the fold. Would an entrance animation of the parent element trigger the hype doc?

Just looking to get a head start before I start experimenting. Thanks!

Short answer is yes, you certainly can. If you look at the documentation and look through the galleries on this site, you will see that.

The interface is better than any web app out there. I use it to make static sites, thats how much I like the interface.

Mostly, no app is perfect.

TEAR OFF Menus, I don’t like all the window dragging I have to do even on two 21 inch monitors, but its still better than anything out there.

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I would be more inclined to phrase it as Hype makes it easier to create such documents - and let’s not overlook the importance of the operator’s skill set who is creating the document.

Hype is a wonderful construction kit. I would be more inclined to create the section~slider entirely in Hype. There would have to be a compelling reason not to.

Hype has an action called “On Enter Viewport” (& “On Exit Viewport”) that should cover this need.

It would be a good idea for You to be very conversant with Hype’s interface (and documentation) before engaging in this type of project. It’s not rocket science but it does not appear to be novice material either.

Thanks Jim.

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