World Clock Template/Symbol

Here is a Clock Template,

The Clock is Saved as a Symbol and Can be duplicated. Each Clock can have a Different time displayed using Timezone Names as the Symbol Id.

These version are later than on the original post I made these for.

To add to it simply duplicate a clock Symbol & drag it onto the scene.
Gve the new Symbol an ID. The ID needs to the timezone name for the place you want the time for.



Place like the USA may do things slightly different.

i.e New York works as US/Eastern

You can see a list here

It may have a list for a city like America/New_York if a code like this does not work there probably is a second one in the database for it. America/New_York = US/Eastern

P.s I cannot swear to any consistency with this as time zones are like mine fields…

Project Example (74.3 KB)

Single Clock Symbol. (73.0 KB)