Working with Layouts

I buil a demo working with different layouts. I want to work a orizontal layout for iPhone and is see only a vertical. What must to do? Here my demo

@paraliamar, I would first rename the custom layout

and then declare the custom size, in the inspector’s scene tab (in your case, just swap the length/ width sizes of the iPhone)


Tnks techgiant2000 but not works. I have my orizontal and vertical layout for iPad but i don't have my orizontal for iPhone

The custom size, in the inspector's scene tab don't produce orizontal iPhone layout...any idea?

@paraliamar, This is a video to help you achieve that.
Different_Layouts1.mp4 (2.4 MB)

techgiant2000, Hype Pro User v3.0.3, Mac OSX El Capitan

Thnaks man…works perfect!

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