Workflow questions on building a site

Hi Guys,

been working with Hype for over a week now and bought the pro version.

One of the main frustrations I have is as follows:

If I create the first scene and a couple of layouts I get the pages how I need them.

I then duplicate the scenes and replace the images and text etc for each scene.

If there are any changes e.g. moving stuff around, enhancing an animation it seems I have to change this in every scene & layout.

Is this just the way it is or is there a system to help the workflow when the clients says ’ that great can you just '.

Any tutorials or info appreciated.


Steve Warby

When you move an element in one layout you normally do not want the same represented element moved in another.
If this happened you would be constantly adjusting with no end in sight. Each layout is dealt with as a separate scene.

If you have elements inside a persistent Symbol then although moving a symbol in one layout will not effect the others you would be able to move an element within the symbol that will by the persistent symbols nature show the change on all layouts. But putting everything ins PS is not really wanted or useful in most cases.