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Version 1.2 is now released with a fix for this another problem. Now, plugin analyze the JS file and changes the files directory to get the right new directory.

I’ve made some tests with your OAM files and now pictures are displaying. Let me know if this fix is ok for you :smile:

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I’ve made some updates with 1.3 release :

  • you can now update file, instead of creation a new ID, it updates now the original files
  • you can now add a container around the animation (div, or iframe) and add custom classes to this container, with CSS you can now set responsive the container as you want (i’ll add a checkbox “responsive” soon to do it auto)

Version 1.4 is now released :

= 1.4 =

  • You can now upload new animation with a drag and drop modal popup.
  • You can now upload new animation from Wordpress editor tool box.

All working well so far. Really like the Wordpress editor tool box feature.

Thanks for this plugin you may also want to get it listed on @michelangelo 's Hypdocks

One thing,

It would be good to have a cancel update.
If you change your mind you have to reload the page to reset back…

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OK, here’s what I noticed from testing…

UNINSTALL – It worked. The table was dropped.

Uploading the file from the WYSIWYG editor almost worked…

That happened when dragging and dropping the file. Also, the layout looked a little off…

The “Drop files to upload” overlaps the popup window.

So, if I just click the window and select the file from the desktop, it works.

However, it doesn’t seem to be responsive…

It might be my template though, which is an older template.

I removed the plugin, as I’m busy this weekend. It looks like a good effort though. That’s some quick progress.

Done http://www.hypedocks.com/resources/

for now listed in the resources area but I would add more contents :slight_smile:


Very excited about this plugin, but I’m struggling to go responsive.

Is there a trick to setting up responsive pages? I can add non-responsive documents with ease, but when I make them responsive they disappear. An example is:
I have been using div, is something required in ‘Container CSS class’?

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Hi there, I wanted to download and install the Plug-In, but I can’t find it. It was there some days ago, but now there is no Plug-In.

Will it come back?

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Plugin will be back soon, sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Any particular reason why you took it down?

Plugin is back !

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This is cool. Thanks. I work on a 13’’ MacBook and it seems that the Drop-field is a bit large, I can’t see the description at the left side. (See picture attached)

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Benjamin - I’m guessing from the change log that 1.5 won’t resolve the responsive issues I had with 1.4 (mentioned above)?

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It seems that CSS doesn’t works, what is your browser ? The drop-field is supposed to be in a modal popup, i’ll take a look on that.

I’m working on it for a next release with a “responsive” checkbox, but it will take some time :confused:


@Benjamin thanks for your work, generous and free, take your time! :slight_smile:

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Wonderful Benjamin, very much looking forward to it. In the mean time, perhaps this may be of use to you…

I was having problems with responsive even when just embedding hype manually into Wordpress. With Tumult’s help, I got everything working nicely, except that the Hype’s height would only adjust on browser refresh:
Daniel of Tumult helped with some javascript that would resolve that issue too, had I been willing to put a script in my footer for each Hype document I added to my site.

Would it be helpful if I was to forward you our email chain?

Happy to help out on this – there’s some interesting considerations here. For documents that use responsive layouts, the Hype JS will automatically adjust the hype container div (as long as that div can get a sense of the size of the parent element). In general, I recommend using responsive layouts, and not flexible layouts, for Wordpress embeds. This avoids the issue where a Hype element with 100% height can’t fit the size of its own container because it can’t get a reading of the available height of the container in the Wordpress theme.

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Safari 9.1.
I appreciate your effort, Benjamin.

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Now this looks very fine. Thank you very much for your effort, Benjamin.

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Doesn’t your recommendation of responsive rather than flexible layouts mean that Hype users then need to create n+1 layouts to fit any potential browser window size? I thought the work you did with me with the www.aqueum.com/water-cycle illustration was almost perfect. All it needed was a way to include one script for all hype documents that caused them to reassess their height (or refresh) when the window resized.

As I see it, the hype-animations plugin could be the perfect place to perfect and implement such a script. That way any hype document could scale like a regular image.

With responsive WordPress themes (which in my experience are continuously scalable), I think flexible (continuously scalable) sizing is a must. Flexible layouts then fill the gap between multiple responsive layouts that overcome interface and text-size issues - if such issues exist.