WordPress Integration - Plugin or Theme creator


(Scott) #1

I’m guessing you have heard about this type of request before. I’m going to bring it up again because I believe that Tumult would make a BOAT LOADS of profit if you figured out a way to integrate Hype with WordPress.

The following capabilities would be Earth shattering in the WordPress community.

  1. Theme export
  2. Plugin export (example, exported slideshow becomes installable plugin that grabs content from a post type.)

If Tumult created software that would do this it would SHAKE the WordPress community. I’d buy this app for $300 without blinking an eye.

Hire three programmers. Offer them 90K / year + healthcare. Explain the task get a program up and running. Sell it for $300. Within the first week I guarantee 1,000 buyers. Boom! software built programmers paid.

I don’t think you guys realize how much money you could make from this. I’m not kidding. It’s a huge opportunity.

(Freelancer) #2

Here a plugin for WP
in this page some demos for the iframe

the iFrame embedding directly in a theme is not easy and if you change the template you loose also the iframe. maybe better an external plugin to manage the iframe in all most important plugin like visual composer, elementor and so on.

So. the best way is improve tools in WP and not in Hype, an intelligent iframe with responsive behavior and the view-point detection of elements during the scroll ( in iframe) would be the best solution

(Scott) #3

I’m not convinced your on the same thought as me. I’m not looking for a way to show a Hype animation on WP. I can do that all day long. I’m fully aware of that plugin for WP. It really does not work but that’s not really the topic at hand.

My desire is to establish a database connection with HYPE and WP. For example, you build a cool slideshow with interesting transitions. You click a button and a plugin zip is created. The plugin creates a custom post type that allows you to add images from the media library.

Understand where I’m coming from? Hype would be HISTORIC I mean EARTH SHATTERING if it had this kind of capability.

If you could design it to grab data from a table in the WP database Hype would be a win.