Wordpress Installation fails


(Peter Körffer) #1

Hi, I try to install the wp plugin and when activating it I receive this: "Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /var/customers/webs/ben/razed-ev.de/content/wp-content/plugins/tumult-hype-animations/includes/adminpanel.php on line 396"
Any ideas what to do?


Do you know what version of php your server is running?

(Peter Körffer) #3

Sorry, no idea.


Sent you a direct message.

(Pierre) #5

We face the same problem as peterkaosa. Do you have the solution. Our php version is 5.4.
The line isn’t 396 but 404.
Thanks for helping us.


Can you make sure you install from the Wordpress Plugin page (through your Plugins Wp-admin page) and not by uploading to your server? I’m pretty sure this is a permissions error that occurs when the plugin doesn’t have permission to write to your server. Installing from the official Plugin repo solved this in a previous case (but I never heard back from @peterkaosa on what their issue was).

If that’s not the issue can you send me a private message so I can take a look at your server?