Wordpress Hype animations and caching plugins

Recently I lost all my Hype Animations. Lost in the sense that they no longer show when they worked fine a couple of weeks back.

I see some issues on the Plugin page where there are orphaned closing anchor tags but not so sure that is the problem. I’m using version 1.8.2 btw. I’ll attach a screenshot.

Nothing shows in the Console when viewing either this test page or a prior page that was working.

I’m leaning towards it being some optimization I have done but not sure so just putting this out there in case anyone else has this problem. I’ll move to remove the plugin and reinstalling it. Hopefully, this does not erase all prior uploads and assignments.

Same for the test page. I don’t really use the plugin so not sure whether it’s the plugin or just something with the upload

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The file exists but will not load:

The Plugin also will not allow deletion so leaning to some sort of Permissions issue.

Thanks for pointing out the error which I can now see in Google Chrome console but not FireFox Dev browser.


Wordpress Plugin W3 Total Cache adds a ?minify parameter to the path needed for the HypeAnimation.

Disabled the Plugin and everything works fine.


I think you can disable minification for the wp-content/uploads/hypeanimations* folder as well if you still wish to reap the benefits of caching. Glad that fixed it for you.