Wordpress - Divi - Tab Menu

Hello, I would like to hire a freelancer to help complete a Hype project. the end result is a new menu system for a WordPress website built using Divi. I have a partial working asset, but have reached the end of my capabilities and need help finishing. You can see the partially working menu here: 2024 Redesign HP – Nurocor

Each of the three tabs will have an extended menu similar to the "Products"

When the user clicks a link they would be taken to the corresponding page, the tab "category" would need to remain in the selected state.

Please let me know if you have questions
thanks, Rob

Hi, it's certainly possible in Hype, but for the sake of maintainability, I would recommend building it in Divi instead. I've found a somewhat longer tutorial for that purpose:

Good luck

Thank you for sharing this tutorial. Unfortunately, it's not close enough to the design the client has signed off on.

thanks, Rob

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