Will the Sketch new file format allow import to Hype?

I was checking out the Sketch 4.3 beta and I am wondering if the new file format will allow Sketch files to be opened in Hype. Rebuilding every layout is slowing me down so much. I could make everything an image or SVG but I might as well prototype in Keynote in that case. I like hype because I can get something that is pretty much the real thing just without the dynamic data. I am not a developer but I do like to prototype experiences in detail not just the user flow.

Has anyone out there looked into this?

The new Sketch file format is pretty cool. It is more likely integration would be served via Sketch plugin though; this gives us a bit easier access to the layers and possibility for automatically converting them into formats that Hype understands (SVG, png, etc.). If we were to work with the file format ultimately we’d have to render everything based on their document format, which is reimplementing a good deal of Sketch itself.

Sketch integration is one of the top requests for Hype :slight_smile:.

Thanks I was just wondering

@jonathan – right now copy/pasting from Sketch into Hype will paste PNGs. As an intermediate solution till (whenever) you have a Sketch importer – could you not just use SVG/PDF as the paste format? Far as I can judge, pasting from Sketch to Keynote is doing this – at least it seems to be a vector format that is pasted…

I am creating prototypes for user interfaces. I was using hype because wanted an actual working prototype not just an image with “hotspots” that I can do in keynote or InVision. Rebuilding an entire design in hype takes a lot of time. I also have a lot of text so think about how long it takes bring in every block of text and in most cases change the line hight. Maybe there is something else out there.

@LesUX Lesley, there are really a LOT of prototyping tools out there with special focus on interface design/UX … I think that in terms of Sketch integration some of them will better do this special type of job. If you are working anyhow with Hype and you know the Hype features it is surely not a bad choice for building prototypes. But just as in my special user case where I am using Hype (I am doing some large scale interactive presentations) it is not exactly for what Hype is built for.

Just have a look here – I know most of them and there are a LOT more of this kind of tools:

Hope this helps…

Sketch does not copy SVG data to the pasteboard unfortunately. We’ve asked if they could do this. They do copy PDF data, but isn’t a great format for the web as it often invokes plugins and can be quite slow.

Oh, OK – thanks Jonathan. Was not sure if they copy PDF or SVG. I see the problems with using PDF data. On the other hand, funnily Sketch can copy SVG data (right click on element and copy SVG). Pasting this in the inner-html of a Hype element gives funny results sometimes (specially when you tra to copy groups) :wink: But for simple shapes it is working well.

But anyhow: I think you guys are having right – either there is a good and coplete Sketch import plugin for Hype where you can deal with groups/elements/artboards made in Sketch, or it is simply not too much worth building stuff in Sketch and rebuild it in Hype…

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