Widget Zoom in iOS 13 broken

Hi - has anyone else find user scaling broken in Widgets exported from Hype and used in iOS 13?

Ha ha, I got nervous and though this was related to my app – Widgets. :smile:

So, what exactly is the zoom problem? Is it just on iPadOS or is it iOS too?

I actually had to delay the launch of “Apparatuses” (the iOS version of Widgets) because the zoom feature wasn’t working. The text wouldn’t scale properly with the elements. Is that what you’re experiencing too?

If so, I sent a bug report to Apple… a video… a web project… and an Xcode project. Hopefully they fix the problem.

its in both - its an interactive newspaper / book with a page curl animation. Now however you cannot pinch zoom into the page anymore … where it still works in iOS12… annoying. May have to rebuild the whole thing, or use the new page turn instead and lose the book ‘experience’

Can you clarify what you mean by widgets (a “dashboard widget” or HTML Widget element?) and where they are being used?

It’d be great if you could provide a zip of your .hype document and export format (like a .iba file) and we can look more into it. Thanks!

I didn’t see a reply on this, but we did discover an issue where swipe actions could interfere with gestures on pages using iOS 13. This has been addressed in Hype v4.0.2, which is now in beta. If you are still experiencing it and want to test the beta, please let me know.

Yes please !!!

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Beta email sent!


Thank you


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