Widget integration in Epub3?

How to integrate hype widgets into epub3 ebook documents ?

I’ve been looking everywhere and I don’t get any usable tips for integrating html5 export or widgets into epub3 : my goal would be to build my ebooks on Apple Pages, export to epub3 and then edit the files to integrate my animations into my ebook…

Any help would be really appreciated !

A quick search reveals the conditions for scripts to run and as Hype is rendered on the fly by a JS library/runtime these may apply… I am not sure if it is a good idea and many readers may disable scripts for security and performance issues. Specs I found:


But I am no expert on the topic and it’s more of an gut feel assessment after skimming the docs.

Apple Pages doesn’t (yet) support HTML in any form, but iBooks Author does support creating the Epub / Fixed layout format. You’ll start by exporting as a Dashboard / iBooks Author Widget…

Choose a templated in iBooks Author:

Then drag your .wdgt file generated in the first step onto your book:

You’ll notice that you won’t have any option but to have your HTML widget centered on the page, but you do have the option of playing it when visible, as opposed to having the main timeline of scene 1 playing when clicked.

This page (for Pages / Epub export) does not mention HTML anywhere: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202066, but it is possible this feature is coming to Pages if Apple continues to take digital book creation seriously.

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In fact I’ve managed to integrate the widget after Apple Pages export, hacking the code : it’s quite tricky but it works… There are 3 or 4 files to edit… I’ll try to explain how to do it if somebody’s interested.

Thanks everybody for yours answers !


We seek this knowledge!

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