Widget Export Issue


Here is the problem… When I do an advanced export of my project so that it can be used in Xcode, the Widget game does not fully load when run outside of Hype. I didn’t notice this issue for quit a while as it seemed to work correctly in the Hype previewer. I cannot seem to understand why it runs just fine in Hype previewer but not directly in Safari or Xcode???

From Hype Previewer…

The Ladybug can be drug around just fine.

If it is run from the “Default.html” within the attached “Test.zip” file or from the “main.html” file from the “maze-game5…wdgt.zip” file, it loads minus the Ladybug character???
Test.zip (635.5 KB) maze-game5.wdgt.zip (592.5 KB)


Here is my Test Hype Project file: Test Project.zip (609.9 KB)

Any suggestions or solutions would be sooo appreciated!!!


I see this in the inspector

Thanks for the response! Where is this located?

From a glance, the problem is how the resource is being loaded – it isn’t via something like an img src URL, but instead is via an XMLHTTPRequest. These won’t run when the .html file is opened in a browser with a file:/// URL due to security concerns.

This isn’t a Hype issue as you are only using Hype as a wrapper for another file. It looks like this is a Bookry widget? You may want to contact them.

It is and thank you for the help.