Widget does not display in IE 9 when containing video


(Meghan) #1

In IE 9, when the widget contains a video, it doesn’t display at all. However if there is no video embedded in the widget, it displays fine in IE 9.

IE 8 is able to display the video one, but not IE 9? (of course, I have uploaded all 3 recommended video formats as well as a poster image.)


(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Would it be possible for you to attach a zip of your .hype document so we can take a closer look? Are you simply doing an export and viewing in IE 9, or are there other steps or other documents you are embedding it into? If so, please send any other files or a URL where we can test in action.

IE 8 uses the QuickTime plugin for video whereas IE 9 uses HTML5’s tag, so it is a different path which might explain the difference. My random guess would be that an MP4 video isn’t using a codec IE9 can understand, but I’d have to see a document to verify that.

(Meghan) #3

Here is the link to the hype doc in zip format. Here is the URL where it’s being implemented: dev.goverlan.com/products/remote-control.php

As you can see, the widget doesn’t even show up at all in IE 9. I used the Miro video converter. Do you know of any other converters to get the appropriate codec? Thanks!