Wider (desktop) format not rendering on desktop/laptop devices, only smart phone width

I've exported my project to a folder to render on a html page. In the project, I have created two different size layouts, one 320wide and one 1200 wide.

When I view it on the my desktop or laptop (1200+, only the 320 width version is displaying. Somehow it is not recognizing the the display width.

All browsers are rendering it the same.

I have not changed the defaults for either the Document or scene settings. This did work when I exported as a OAM to render on a Wordpress site. But it is not working here on this html site:


Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

maxwidth of the wrapperelement seems to be 1160px ('.embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9')

so changing the breakpoint-width of the big layout to something that fits your needs (eg 600) may help ...


Thank you Hans! :pray:

Worked like a charm. I had to fix for every scene. Now I know what to do for future projects.

Have a great day! Aloha