Why you no Shrinky

(Jonathan Luna) #1

Hey so i have been twerking this project a lot to try to make it as clean as possible to send over to my programer. and i noticed some serious calling issues as a was working with a bunch of views. There for a left just small iPhone view and a large desktop view to figure out what was going on… then i notice the shrink to fit option was probably whats off. has anyone else had similar issues or is there something I’m not nothing on my end?

signup_view.zip (1.1 MB)


I’m not sure what you were asking here but is it the FB login and G+ login buttons.

If so I changed them here to fit and scale properly.

signup_view_edited.hype.zip (1.1 MB)

If not then beats me!


(Jonathan Luna) #3

Lol sorry about that., yes I was referring tho those buttons. Mind telling me exactly what changes you made so I know for future reference … I greatly appreciate the help