Why these symbols animation does not work please?


I found symbol animation sometimes work, but some not work, any reason please?

Please check the attached document please, thanks.

symbol.hype.zip (19.4 KB)

Sorry, this is a bug in Hype. It occurs where enter and exit waypoints will both be automatically triggered on an element where flexible layout pins are set.

The workaround would be to uncheck the bottom/right pins on the “Group 1” element in the circle symbol or the “黑色” element in the button symbol. In lieu of that, you could add a different invisible element to act as your waypoint that does not have flexible layout settings.

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Hi @jonathan,

Thanks for reply, and I understand.

If so, it seems a quite old issue? is it possible or any plan to fix please?

Thanks so much.

We can’t make specific promises on fixes/release dates, but being this is a correctness issue it is a higher priority.