Why the mask does not work?

(Alex) #1


I am trying to make a animation with Logo Mask of SVG format,

MASK: svg width=“1000px” height=“1200px”, but the sense size with width: 960, height=1100.

but the background circle will flash when the animation is loaded…

I do not know why I can not upload zip and hype format file, so I upload a quicktime screenshot video for your check the issue, thanks.

the video seem limited to 30 MB.


(Rick) #2

About not being able to upload, have you tried dropbox?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

We’d need to see the .hype document and video, but I can say that SVG masking does have some significant browser rendering bugs, which is one reason it hasn’t been implemented in Hype yet. You may want to try unchecking Use WebKit graphics acceleration and/or checking Position with CSS left/top in the Document Inspector and see if these different render modes help.

(Alex) #4

Hi @Rick4F
I am in China, and we are blocked to access any global resource, like google, facebook, twitter, yahoo, dropbox…even I am using VPN everyday.

Fortunately, I can access forums here.


(Alex) #5

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks, and I can not upload the .hype and zip file.

this was happened recently, is there spam filter rules in your forum system please?



If you compress that into a zip file it should work if it is under 3MB.