Why the dynamic setting not working?


I set a feather as dynamic element in my project:

The feather will fly in preview mode, but it will stay static in wordpress production environment.

Here is my project file:

efficiencyindexstart.hype.zip (217.8 KB)

and here is the wordpress page:


Anything that I missed please?

Thanks in advance.

It appears to work for me? Can you elaborate more on your configuration?

It may be good to inspect the feather element and see its position; my guess would be that it is floating up but perhaps out of view.

Note that physics is a simulation; while care is given to try to make runs identical, there are a number of factors that can result in differences from run to run.

The feather floats up the side of the right side of the page in my viewing… but half off the page.

Thanks, I upgrade the hype Wordpress plugin, then it work.

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Hello Jonathan,

I have updated Hype 3 to Hype 4 version, do you think it is necessary to update all of Hype projects files which were build by HYPE 3?


There is one issue in 3.6.8 and 4.0.0 that could trigger actions on mouse up being triggered twice on Chrome for Android, so if you hit that then I would re-export with 4.0.1. Otherwise I don’t think re-exporting is necessary.