Why scrollbar suddently appear on hype app

hi… quick question

why scrollbar suddently appear on hype? on app and firefox browser… but it not shown in safari browser

39 PM
18 PM

i not change any of these file… today it suddenly appear

i want to make that scrollbar gone.
as you notice in hype app vertical scrollbar not appear… but in browser it appear

Safari only shows scrollbars while you scroll. Then they disappear again.

Thanks for your reply…
but, what I mean is:
I want everything to looks like safari… clean, no annoying scroll bar show up.
That scroll bar disturb my design.

How to make that scroll bar gone from my design…?

You have to set overflow not to scrollbar but to hidden!

If you are using a widget then the widget will have scroll bars if it is sized smaller than it’s content.
I think the content inspector will have no effect where the scroll bars are concerned.

thanks guys… it solved. scroll bar no longer appear in firefox.