Why script font always thicker?

When I use script font why always thicker than it should be?

This is in prepreview and after upload:

It should be like this:

Fyi I use a google font and try to different script font but the same result.

What is wrong?

It is always good to reproduce the error in a new Hype document and upload it as a ZIP with your question. It doesn't need to be your full file.

When I go into "Add Google Font" I can't find the script font you have been showing.
See screenshot above (I searched for script). What is the name of the font exactly…

Sorry it's fixed. When I click pencil icon on the text box, it showing html and font weight is 600.

Sorry for my fauld I was copy from bold text before and I change to a new font.

But the hype bug is, it's showing thin in the hype but in the browser more thick.

It should be the same with the result!

Can you attach a sample Hype document so we can see what's up?