Why is there so little about this product on the web?

I had been playing with Adobe edge animate. Now it’s being discontinued, I dug around and found out about HYPE. I downloaded a trial. It’s excellent. My question is why is the very little about this product on the Internet?
There’s very little documentation, and very little about it, few tutorials. Either the people who make it (with respect ) are not very good at marketing, or there is something in this product that means it is not widespread. Maybe is too new.

Does anyone have any clues?

For the most part I agree for such a great app there does need to be more out there about it.

The @tumult_hype will have to answer that one for you…

@tumult_hype Has done some excellent Documentation ?. Which you are able to access from the help menu.

Also from the Help menu you can go to the Tutorial page, It does look like a lot of the old ones are not on the tutorial page but are on the Youtube channel. They do explain on the tutorial page to go to the youtube page to see all the videos. 41 of them…

The company has given it users these forums.
This forum is still quite young and is still forming it’s structure but is already filled with great examples and shared knowledge by it’s users and the Tumult team.

There are users who are actively spreading the word with sites or pages dedicated to Hype:

@michelangelo’s http://hypedocks.com , @Photics’s https://photics.com

A Book About Hype isn’t enough documentation for you? :smiley:

I kinda agree with the general idea of your post though – Tumult should be killing it with Hype. Instead, it’s more like a hidden secret of Web Design and Development.

I think the main problem is that there isn’t a Windows version.

Hi @wrongtrousers and thanks for your question

I developed web tools since 2005 with more than one Software company, This is my work and now I love Hype. I left edge for Hype.

in my opinion Hype is the only alternative to Adobe. Amazing software made with passion and talent.

Read this article written by @gasspence.


Some Hype web pages are so transparent that one cannot imagine it was made with this fine developing environment.

For example, look at my JukeBox for classical music which has for name AudioTech


No other webpage software was used for that. Many many years ago, I used HyperCard for my university teaching. With Hype, I rediscover the magic of HC but it now goes so much further.

Other examples :smile:

A European trip in 2015. Hype can be a fine fronthead also.



There are a few programs that I use now that deserve more attention but are merely overshadowed by the “popular” choice. Only when people are forced to look for alternatives do they find such software as this (which explains the current growing interest in Hype).

I don’t like to pay too much for my tools, so I stick with open source most of the time. When I do purchase something it has to be high quality and within my budget.

I also dedicate my time to helping others find out about such tools, and sometimes I do make tutorials about it.

I am going to invest some time into making beginner help for Hype.

Hype has great tutorials on youtube and the documentation is great. We do need more though.

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Unfortunately, I have to agree. Hype is the best kept secret, and that’s a great pity.
I have been using interactive software for over 27 years now, starting with Hypercard, Supercard, Authorware, Director (for 20 years), Mediator, Flash (ugh!), Flash Catalyst, Keynote, etc. Hype is out there with the very best and getting better with each upgrade (though there is room for more to come). At the end of the day though, if a tool today is not multi-platform it’s chances of success are and will remain limited.
I am a dedicated Mac user and have been one since 1987. However, the “rest of the world” are not. Once upon a time the media world was dominated by the Mac. Today this is not the case. Hype has to open up to the world of Windows.If it does not, two bad things may happen. Firstly, it will continue to miss out on a very large user base. Secondly and much worse, a viable windows based alternative will ultimately appear, and that could be very bad news indeed for Hype.
I run a college department of visual communications and both use and preach Hype. However, 75% of our students use Windows and seek an alternative. My answer is always: “buy a Mac”, but in truth, that’s not an answer.
Tumult have to grow beyond our wonderful niche market. Sad, but true.