Why is the html file empty on HTML5 export to folder? And why does it work locally but not on the server?

Sorry 'bout the long double-question title, but I am totally stuck on a client project bc of this issue.

When I export a proof-of-concept HTML5 presentation/website, I can run it by dragging the Html file into my browser, but when I upload the same files into a folder on my server and try to call up the same Html file from my browser’s URL bar, it only shows white.

When I looked into the Html file, I noticed that it is empty, so how does the browser know what to load from where? Is there hidden/protected text inside the Html file that can be viewed some other way? I don’t understand, and I have been writing HTML pages since the mid-90’s…no idea about JS or CSS, though, so HTML5 is a bit of a challenge for me without the help of a program like Hype.

Any ideas where I should start trouble-shooting? Could it be a permission thing of the uploaded files on my server? They are all set to 755 atm.

Make sure when you upload your .html file, you also place the .hyperesources folder next to it on your server. The .html file loads content from that folder.

Here’s a little more detail about exporting from Hype: https://tumult.com/hype/documentation/#exporting

Thanks for the quick response!

Yes, I did place the exact folder as I do have locally alongside the HTML file. But nothing is happening online.

Why is that HTML file empty and 0kb size? Shouldn’t there be at least a redirect to a file in that folder inside?

To answer my own question: it isn’t empty

When I opened the file with Text Edit, it didn’t show anything, but when I opened it in Coda just now, I can see that everything necessary is there.

Why it isn’t working on my server, though, is still a mystery to me.

Very strange – can you share your URL on the server?

Because this is an investor presentation for a startup, I’m not at liberty to share the URL, but since yesterday I have been able to get it to work.

Strange is that if I upload the files to my server via Transmit, it does not work, but if I use the cPanel’s File Manager, it does work. So there must be some sort of permissions issues happening during upload with Transmit. It’s very inconvenient having to do it like this, but for this particular project it is manageable, as I will only have to do it once every 1-3 days.

Now that I’ve got it working, there are other issues, though, that have more to do with how Hype operates, which I will be posting about in other threads to hopefully get help/insights.

Thanks again, Daniel!

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I had a similar thing occur just the other day where one FTP client (CyberDuck) did not work due to permissions but another one did (Filezilla). This makes no sense to me… as I am not steeped in the “Dark Arts” (almost anything to do with PHP and other server side mummery :flushed:)

I’ve not run across this before.