Why is my vector shape enclosed in a box?

Well this is a fine mess. Spent ages making a "T". And when I was done, HYPE decided to enclose it in a blue box, like this:

For the life of me, I can't seem to make it go away. It HAPPENS to be the same color as the filled interior, but in fact is not controlled by the fill background color.

It SHOULD be transparent, right?

[EDIT: NO idea why/how this happened, but I found a fix... I just copied the vs, and pasted it. The pasted version lost the blue box... so I'm thinking this is a genuine bug.]

Is this a bug?

Thank you for your kind help,


nice T :slight_smile: perhaps it was grouped or something simular ...

Happy to take a look at the shape if you can share it.

Hey, thanks Daniel! as mentioned, I was able to copy/paste it, and the box went away... so I deleted the problematic one... but thank you!

I so appreciate the willing support at these forums.


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It is definitely a bug - so if you have the previously broken document it would be interesting to see.

Vector Shapes route "background color" as the fill for SVG under-the-hood, so it appears something is bypassing this and still setting a background color on the its containing div. I'm not sure how it would get in that state! Thanks!

I wish I did, Jonathan... but alas, it is gone. If it happens again, I will get it to you.


No worries - thanks! Do let me know if you see it again.