Why I can not scroll down the webpage?


I am trying to build a webpage, and created a long layout, but I can not scroll down the page when I preview it in safari, it only show a full page no matter what size I adjust the window of Safari.

Anyone let me what I did wrong, I attached the project file here, thanks.
webpagetest.hype.zip (3.0 MB)


You have scaling set to 100% of the viewport height (in the scene inspector). That option is best if your scene size is directly targeted towards the device size so there would be no need for scrolling. To scroll again, uncheck the ‘height’ scaling checkbox.

WoW, works:)



I think it should be Scene Inspector, but I still can not make the webpage, all the content looks mess.

I read this example: http://www.hypedocks.com/downloads/fluid-columns-kit/

but I lost.


Ah right you are (edited my post). That used to be in the document inspector and I’m clearly still reeling from that change.


Please check here :slight_smile:

Document Scaling#

By default, Tumult Hype animations have a fixed width and height, and do not respond to window or viewport size changes. To make your animation responsive to size changes, you must first select the Width and Height Scale checkboxes in Hype’s Element inspector.


should be Scence inspector too?