Why does animation in the browser not match animation in Hype?

I have created a simple looping Hype animation document and embedded it into a web page. One key animation does not occur in the rendered animation. At the 00:04.21 mark, the animation of the menu sliding in (a transform of the Origin (Left) property) does not occur in the rendered animation. The problem occurs in every browser. Why?

Page with embedded Hype animation: https://pogoturfpro.com/temp/
Screencast of animation as played in Hype: https://www.dropbox.com/s/61tcxn29ydlt7h8/hype.mov?dl=0
Hype file: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s2x5rmhldmohcnk/AADjKefwjYJF2D4xihBk13Rva?dl=0

This is because you have it set as a dynamic physics body and it has fallen way below the scene due to the effects of gravity.

Judging from your document, I think you can just disable it by selecting “Mapping-menu”, going to the Physics Inspector and changing the body type to “Inactive - No physics applied”.

(If you did want physics, I recommend a short animation before it is needed to go from inactive to dynamic, or perhaps in your case just adjusting the gravity force to 0.)

Many thanks, turning off physics did the trick though I still wonder why it didn’t show the same result in the Hype UI that it did outside the Hype UI.

I guess I was experimenting with physics, but never saw any effect of it (nor have I any time I’ve experimented with it) so just forgot about it and left it on. I just don’t see what physics does…I’m sure there’s a video tutorial somewhere, but it’s definitely not intuitive.

The difference is that physics simulation is not run within the editor environment.

(The other main differences are that the editor does not run timeline actions, alternate timelines are based off of the main timeline only, and there’s no flexible layout shown)

There is an overview video and also a document on the tutorials page that covers the basics. We probably could do a more thorough video, especially with some upcoming changes!

it’s never to bad to have some knowledge of pros and cons of your swiss knife … hypes online-documentation is always a good starting point …