Why are newly-made symbols so big..?

see the embedded image below. purple outline is the boundary of the symbol I just made by selecting the three images it contains.

I don’t understand the rationale behind the sizing of symbols when they’re first created; does anyone else? this one’s twice the size of the assets.

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if you create a symbol by a selection it’ll takes its size … so this’ll be one option for you … though you can also resize them afterwards …

hi—this symbol is made from the selection of those images.

of note: they images are scaled to 50%. but I’m not understanding why the symbol would take on such a large boundary. I understand I can re-scale them, but I’d rather not deal with it. seems like extra work for no reason.

Like @h_classen said the symbol size is based on the bounds of the contents when created. However it does not take into account scaling, which I have filed as a bug. (Scaling was introduced after symbols, so it looks like updating for this was missed!)


I see. that makes sense; I wasn’t aware of the development pipeline of features for assets within the program. I thought I was missing some core concept. thanks, Jonathan.

I just found: this same thing applies to newly-created groups (or container divs, same thing)

Thanks for the additional info! I’ve updated the bug with that as well.