White flash when loading an embedded Hype scene

The white flash occurs every time I load this site: http://klarion.io

I was using the Hype 3 Pro, here’s the file: kla_hero_0.2.hype.zip (107.2 KB)

Is this a known issue or is it just me?

Do you still see the white flash if you upload only the Hype export? I tried uploading the project you sent and it looked ok to me, but I do see the white flash on your site.

Only the export? You mean as is with the “Draw scene backgrounds” checked? Yeah, I’ve tried it and the white flash doesn’t occur. I guess that it has something to do with the “Draw scene backgrounds” option?

You can eliminate that flash by adding this CSS to the head of your document:


html { background-color:#3E4B99; }


Browsers’ default background color is white, so that’s what’s showing before the color you’ve chosen appears. The flash is the moment between the initial HTML page being loaded and Hype’s JS being loaded.

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