Whisk - Using it for WordPress Sites?

I’m attempting to open a PHP file in my own WordPress plugin in Whisk 2.0. It’s asking for permission to the appropriate folder. The installation is via my hosting provider. Is this possible?

Also keep in mind that my PHP file uses WordPress’ action and filter hooks.

If Whisk is asking for file permissions, it is probably because you are using the Mac App Store version and hitting App Sandbox restrictions, or on Catalina hitting the Desktop/Documents/Downloads file access dialogs.

These aren’t really related to anything wordpress specific, and just a matter of disk access.

I’m not familiar with wordpress action/hook filters and how much server access they would require to edit. I did make a post about editing wordpress themes a long time ago (with HyperEdit); perhaps this can be helpful?


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WordPress has a handy app for iOS. Could Whisk or Whisk+Hype fill the void on MacOS?

The article “Live Editing WordPress Themes with HyperEdit” is a step in that direction. It is a twelve-year-old post, however. Is there an easier way to create and edit WordPress blog posts with Whisk or Whisk+Hype?

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I personally use Whisk for my blogs posts that I compose in HTML. I’m not sure what the future will hold for integration but I could see it being useful. MarsEdit definitely takes the cake for app-based blogging.

MarsEdit, is a blast from the past. Nice, but it is no WordPress for iOS or Whisk. The reference is appreciated, but I will stick with WP iOS and Whisk. What I like with Whisk is the feeling of being able to see everything more openly.

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