Whisk page layout

I'm new to Whisk and relatively new to coding. Is it possible to have a window open for HTML and css and the preview. At the moment I have to open Whisk twice, one for HTML and preview and two for css.

To clarify, you're wanting something like codepen that shows multiple panes for different files in the same window?

Whisk's document window only will show a single editor and single preview. However you can open multiple windows; if you open a CSS file and edit it, those edits will still appear live (even without saving) in their associated .html window. Please see the Watched Files section of the documentation:


You can close the preview on windows that don't need it. Windows should stay in the same position on close/reopen, so you can make your layout however is comfortable.

Does that help?

Yes it does help, thanks very much. Geoff

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