Whisk madness - live function code editing kind of!

Changing the timleline being run

Changing the innerHTML and the timleline being run

Ok I am cheating here and just having a play with the concept of live edits in Whisk.

I run the testjs.js file that is in the resource library ( which is auto loaded into the head) via a hype function.

After starting a Preview to browser, I then use Whisk to open the index.html file scratch folder.
In Whisk I will also access to the testjs.js via the watched files.

Ta da…

I originally was live editing the hype_generated_script.js but thought hmm how can I make it more readable.

All this as I just wanted to see what was possible with live editing code…



Finally, was thinking it was too highbrow for everyone :grin:

Haha that is very cool!

You’d probably need to send the JSON data through a pretty printer first. There is a default command that can use the non-minified version of the Hype runtime/loader, but I think the JSON is going to look as bad. Of course give that Hype is already WYSIWYG I wonder if there’s a better workflow we could do in Hype (like a separate looping preview) that would work for your uses instead.