Whisk • Jumps to Top of Document, Have to Keep Scrolling Down


Love Whisk, been using it a while but I'm a little annoyed with the fact that when I edit some things it jumps to the top of the web page and I have to scroll down again to get to where I was editing the document. I'm not entirely sure what triggers it but its something that could be looked at I think.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Generally the issue is that on complicated pages it can take longer to render and calculate the whole page or items can come in after the page thinks it is "done" from when we reset the scroll. There's definitely strategies we can employ to do better here. I know it is specifically a pain because on certain document it may only jump a small percentage of the time.

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I found out what was happening. It's when I'm working on in a OneDrive cloud folder and when I save the file, it uploads and refreshes the file and re-loads the entire html file I'm working on, so not a Reflect issue. This happens in other HTML editors as well.