Whisk, I could really love it

So I bought Whisk after looking at the videos and trying out the demo, I still think it is neat software but after trying to actually use it for real world code work, I just can’t get beyond not having type ahead suggestions for css and it drives me crazy that it doesn’t auto close my tags and properly indent. I know this is a first world problem but I got too used to using Sublime Text and now I find myself doing the real work there and maybe pasting into whisk for the live rendering. If we could get those two features in whisk, I might not have a reason to open Sublime again for a while.

Also Sublime has a cool feature where you can open it up and start coding but never have to save the file if you don’t want to (you can identify the syntax in the view menu and still have hi lighting) and it will always auto reload those unsaved temp files until you close them. This one isn’t a huge deal but it would be great for snippet editing which I find myself doing a lot.

Thanks for make a good product, I hope to see it get even better.

Thanks for the feedback! Autocomplete/auto-tag-close is definitely a “modern” feature that is on our feature tracker :slight_smile:.

This is how Whisk should work if you are using the Versions/Autosave features of macOS by unchecking “Ask to keep changes when closing documents” and “Close windows when quitting an app” unchecked in the System Preferences General Pref Pane. If these are unchecked and this isn’t the behavior you are seeing, let me know.

While I love a good code editor, I hope this doesn’t side-track from Hype development. There’s a shit-ton of code editors and I don’t think there’s much money in selling such software.

Hype on the other hand is, in my recent experience, very unique - what it needs, to get some traction (beside vector import) is fully features samples, like full websites and some big-brand-names using it.

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Hype is still the main priority :slight_smile:. There’s actually a lot of changes in Whisk that will get funneled back into Hype - both the editor and a lot of other modernization around some of the common “app shell” components that needed to happen just to stay on top of macOS development changes.

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Just keep making great software. People often presume that developers can only work on thing. That’s why you get so many people complaining in the comments when Apple announces they are adding new emoji, there’s always a, “Well they should be doing this or that instead!” As a developer myself I know that experience on different projects almost always strengthens all projects. New techniques are learned and come back to the originals. Also as someone who has purchased both applications, I’d love to see them both progress. :smiley:


Thanks for your thoughts!

It seems you are definitely on top of the situation in any case, keep up the good work!
Can’t wait to see what’s cooking for Hype V5!!

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The level where Whisk has/should be heading to compete is Visual Studio Code (-insider). This is where a lot of developers learn how to type a lot of code without breaking a sweat. Thanks to many, many extensions: Emmet, Prettify, Auto Rename Tag, Auto prefixer, Better Comments, etc.

Whisk could also add a feature of letting a directory (expanded Explorer of files) be opened, so a whole site can be viewed.


Another thought is open up Whisk for this community to start building extensions.

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