Whisk - Doctype

Hi all, i’m really digging Whisk so far… don’t know PHP but enrolled in a beginners free course i found Udemy.

Question – is there a way to quickly get that boilerplate (DOCTYPE) stuff in the header? Or do you all just paste it in there or type it out?

I admit as a non-coder I haven’t memorized all that mumbo jumbo.

Thank you.

It could be so that the course you bought at Udemy will eventually continue or add a boilerplate for php/html.

Also check the documentation of Whisk or MDN for that matter.

The <!DOCTYPE html> parts isn’t hard to remember. There are a lot of boilerplate’s to be found online.

And welcome to the community fCC.

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Thank you @Bendora – I’ll read the Whisk and MDN documentation! :+1:

Whisk’s Code Snippets comes with a “Default Page” that you can use; it contains a nice yet minimal amount of boilerplate for a basic HTML5 page.

You can hit Command-Shift-D to add it to your document.


@jonathan thank you! didn’t know about the code snippet default page. definitely convenient!

@Daniel thanks for moving this to the correct subforum. I’ll post my whisk questions here from now on. :smiley: :+1:

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