Where is the Preserve-3D option?

I am trying to build a 3D objet made with differents symboles. But when I use X, Y or Z rotation, the 3D property seems flat. I know there is a preserve-3D property in some Javascript libraries. Is there this option somewhere inside Hype Pro ? That could be so nice to be abble to check this in symbol Inspector.

A real 3D space is not supported, you can emulate some effects using XYZ transformations,
Moreover IE10/11 does not support the transform-style: preserve-3d, this mean you can't use "groups" with nested rotations

Try the "cube" animation in this template

also this template

Thanks for your response.
But, everybody do not work only for Windows, especially with a software only made for MacOS. I mean sometimes I only need to build an HTML5 animation for webkit or for iOS, when the animation, for example, is integrated inside iBooks author or a native iOS app. Then, I could appreciate an option to build 3D single compositions with groups and symbols inside Hype Pro.
I guess Tumult, who works at first with Apple, won’t disapprove this kind of production, especially build for iOS. So, why do they not integrate 3D-property with an alert that prevents us that’s not made for IE. That’s what they do for all of the rest of CSS properties that are not compatible with some browsers. So.
So, I guess I need to maintain a workflow including some GSAP API inside Hype Pro to get this. Thanks again.

Depend on IE. The Hyde output is a standard HTML5 and you can always get compatible IE animation.
The latest version of Edge works pretty well