Where is the menu 'save as'

(james koh) #1

I cant find ‘save as’ menu.
Is there substitute menu for this?
am I the only one who does not know?
Plz help~


Hold the “Alt” key while selecting the “File” menubar option.

(james koh) #3

I was duplicating the document and saving for another name for my entire life!!!
Thank you. Why is this hidden? lol

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

Blame Apple :smile:. In order to opt into cooler features like the Versions we also need to adopt the new method of saving files. In 10.7 they didn’t even have ‘Save As…’ at all and only brought it back via option-clicking due to the uproar!

(james koh) #5

thanks for your explanation :smiley:

(Jeremy Bolesky) #6

And at the same time, there is this…

The document “form-anim-4.0.hype” is on a volume that does not support permanent version storage. Your changes have been saved and you will not be able to access older versions of this document once you close it. To undo your changes, click Revert.

DAMN YOU, APPLE. Well, to be fair, intuitive interface design never was Apple’s strong suit. :man_facepalming:

(Ken Heins) #7

It was back when I started with Mac in 1988 and peaked with Snow Leopard, ah well, things change. Change is good? Only when its good change, not when its bad.