Where are my images/animations when I jump to scene?

This might be simple and I completely missed this. However, I fixed all the tabs on the right to jump to the appropriate scene. The animation or anything does not appear on either two or three tabs. Specifically the scissors tab and info. I don’t want to start over again. What did I do incorrectly? Thanks! Daniel

File size is 10mb. So I had to upload it in dropbox

You are using multiple timelines, and the build-ins are on the non-Main Timeline (for scissors for example, the build-in is on a timeline called “Cyan”). By default, only the Main Timeline is started when a scene is shown; you must explicitly start other timelines.

The simplest fix is to add an “On Scene Load” action in the Scene Inspector to Start the timeline with the build-ins. However, based on your content it is likely organizationally/logically more correct for these animations to be moved onto the main timeline via cut/paste.

Please see our overview video or documentation for more info on timelines.

Ah! Yes I deleted the timlines. I assumed everything would fall back on the main timeline by default. Thank you, Jonathan. Good to know! :smile: