Where are all the Flash Guys?

(Nick ) #1

Love this article but had to put a plug in for Hype in the comments :slight_smile:

(Kalle) #2

Having all 233 comments displayed, the keyword “Hype” only appears once…! That´s very surprising.

(Ken Heins) #3

95% of the people that I work with who use Flash have NO idea that Flash’s future is not roses and candy. They live in a different universe, are not even sure what HTML5 is and why it matters. They are mostly corporate and don’t look out the window.

(Nick ) #4

I am amazed at those holding on to Flash as a web technology. I looked at Animate CC again as an animated short creation tool for video…and in some ways it has what is needed to get that job done. But from a User Interface design and game design platform…no.

Yet I still come across corporate training sites that still use Flash which is insane that should have been phased out years ago.

Just keep mentioning Hype to these posts and eventually it will catch on.


I guess it’s akin to why people still use (develop for) IE 8/9. Don’t think it’s gonna be shaken any time soon. :slight_smile:
It is sad, why (corporate) people still hold on to these.

(Ken Heins) #6

When I say corporate, I don’t even mean a company with thousands of employees, I might be talking about a 6 person company who believes that if the Adobe software prison can’t do it, then it can’t be done.

I had that problem with a client who hired me for 3 months last year to rebuild his site. We parted ways. Could never make them understand that there were other ways besides Adobe shoehorned into Joomla. It can be done, but it’s the hard way. They believed that once I was done, that any accounting clerk would then be able to take over. Dreamland!

In the middle, they hit me with a redo of several hundred brochure pages, which was nothing more than changing images and verbiage, so the actual site rebuild never got done. The company is now for sale. Oh it gets better; I now find out that the company that they planned to buy is now the buyer for them. The owner is a friend, but no more business between us.


I’m not even sure how people can pretend at this point. Flash doesn’t work on iPads and iPhones. That alone should be reason enough to move on. But now, desktop browsers are starting to reject Flash…