When is Hype updated?

(Francois Meehan) #1

I find strange that such a complex application does not receive more frequent updates. Last update was in April. Is there one coming up?

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Did you look at the version history?

That might give you a general idea of Tumult’s schedule. The bolded dates indicate major versions. Major updates are fairly spaced out.

(Francois Meehan) #3

Thanks Michael! Have a great week-end

(Jonathan Luna) #4

Based on previous release patters it seems like you guys are about due for an update. :smile:

(Francois Meehan) #5

Ohhh, I can start dreaming of resizable Symbols :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

Some dreams do come true :wink:.

(Freelancer) #7

maybe! it would be great