When I open Hype I always get two windows opening!

Hi, Upgraded to Hype pro and now whenever I open hype I always get two program windows, both Hype pro! Any ideas why this would happen and how to get rid of it?

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Can you try following the instructions on this page? Known Issue: "The File 'Resources' couldn't be opened because you don't have permission to view it"

Sorry you’re hitting this issue!

Thank you Daniel,

That did the trick,
Many thanks


Hi Daniel,

I have just applied the latest update and guess what, it’s back and the terminal fix no longer corrects it!
When I open hype pro I get one window, I go to ‘file’ - ‘open recent’ and my project opens in a second window!

Do you have a fix for this?

Mark Butler

I just started using Hype this week and this same problem is happening for me. I start Hype and get an application window. When I open my project, I get a second window. I know this topic is a little stale, but is there a fix?


Odd… Is it two Untitled windows, a previous document and untitled window, or two previous documents?

What are the settings you have for the General System Pref pane’s “close windows when quitting app” and “Ask to keep changes when closing documents?” Also what version of macOS are you on?

Hi Jonathan,

I have an Untitled window and my previously saved project.

Ask to keep changes when closing documents is turned off.
Close windows when quitting an app is turned on.

I am on Sierra 10.12.3

I think I misunderstood originally; to clarify, Hype is opening an Untitled document as one would expect (all previous documents were closed when you quit), but you just want it to go away when opening an existing document? I agree this isn’t happening and we should be doing this. I’ve filed an item in our bug tracker. Thanks!