When exporting my documents I can only see code in the browser

I made some ads in Hype and when I export them, I can only see HTML code in the browser. The exported files do not work as expected.

I was using this export script to adda a border but then I discovered it happens with all export options.
The preview works great locally. What did I do wrong, can anyone have a look for me, please?

Thank you

This is how it looks in the preview, and how it should look:

This is how the exported file looks like:

This is one of the exported files:
300x250.zip (121,6 KB)

This is the project:
LATAM SemanaSanta sin CTA.hype.zip (238,6 KB)

300x250 2.zip (124.8 KB)
the path to hypes runtime was wrong and there’ve been a few scripttags within js messing it up …

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Oh thank you!!! So where is that path in my Hype document so I can fix it myself? I’m sorry, you know I’m terrible with javascript. :frowning:

I think the issue is in the custom fonts scripts. I did a test with the normal export script and got the same thing.
I removed the fonts and it all worked as expected.

The advance embed code does not seem to work with the export codes.

I found a post by @Daniel which explains how to embed typekit.

I did this to your project. works with the exporting and seems to have the fonts… please check.

LATAM SemanaSanta sin CTA_vMH.hype.zip (244.3 KB)

That’s funny! It was working before, and although I went to Typekit website to republish the kits and make sure the code provided by them was Ok, something wasn’t working after all.

The way I added my fonts was also given by @Daniel in the Community but for some reason this other way works while the other stopped working :slight_smile: So I give you, and all, many thanks for your help.

I now encountered a different problem with the export script I’m using to add a 1px border but I’ll follow up in its own topic.

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